Our production agency TELEVISION AND FILM PRODUCTION has produced many well-known entertainment programs that have been broadcast on ČT1, STV1, STV2, TV Barrandov, TV Relax and other TV stations. We are the authors of the main New Year’s Eve 2019 show for TV Barrandov Good Evening, Friends, the 12-part entertainment show Cabaret, we can also boast of the successful shows Musical Night, Circus Circus Festival (12 episodes), Circus Circus Classic (10 episodes). Our agency has produced the feature films Ženská pomsta and Ubal a zmiz, as well as a documentary about the leading Czech actor and teacher Jan Přeučil – Jan Přeučil.

TV Relax

Feature Films

Ženská pomsta

Comedy 2020

Three women of mature age meet for group psychotherapy. Although they differ in profession and character, they share the same problem, which they try to solve in psychotherapy. Their depression and suffering have a common denominator: the infidelity of their husbands, to whom they have sacrificed decades of their often difficult lives together. Spontaneously, this brings them closer together and they decide that revenge is better than an expensive session with a psychotherapist. They help each other with that. They prepare a real hell on earth for their unfaithful husbands. The film is a hilarious look at the male mid-life crisis and a celebration of female solidarity.

Ubal a Zmiz

Comedy 2021

Two friends, Mireček (Matouš Ruml) and Vilém (Janek Gregor), grow weed for a living and get an offer they can’t refuse. Sell all their weed supplies in one night. But when they make a deal with a dangerous Bulgarian (Predrag Bjelac) and his right-hand man (Karel Dobrý), they discover that someone has robbed their grow room. They have a few hours to save not only the deal of the year, but also their own little fingers. Two old-school cops (Martin Hofmann and Leoš Noha) have been suspended. The former acts like a psychopath and the latter is burnt out, so when they come asking to return to the department, they are turned down by their superiors. In order to get their jobs and honor back, they decide to search for a suitcase full of precious goods on their own, and they certainly don’t take any guff in the process. André S. (Marek Lambora) is a rocker. But he has a problem. He has signed a contract in which he agrees to record three pop albums for teenagers. André looks like a star in public, but inside he’s mad. He’d trade his apartment, his car and his fame for one night of rock and roll. And that’s exactly what he gets when he accidentally takes someone else’s suitcase at the airport.

Jan Přeučil

Documentary 2021

Documentary about the leading Czech actor and teacher Jan Přeučil – Jan Přeučil.

TV Shows

Cirkus Cirkus FESTIVAL

TV Show

The return of a legendary circus project that continues to entertain TV audiences around the world!
In the program you will have the opportunity to appreciate the mastery of circus stars from Italy, Spain, Ukraine, Mexico, Switzerland, Czech Republic and other countries.
Genny Ciatti and Petr Kumpfe will guide you through the entire program.


TV Show

Don’t miss Saturday’s variety show Cabaret with the well-known presenter Petr Šiška and many well-known artists from the field of entertainment. Enjoy sketches, jokes, political satire, magic, dancing, singing and good music.

Muzikálová Noc

TV Show

The biggest international and domestic musical hits performed by the leading stars of the musical heaven

Marián Vojtko, Andrea Kalivodová, Bohuš Matuš, Sabina Křováková,
Eliška Lüftnerová, Jarek Šimek, Genny Ciatti, Tomáš Ringel and others

The gala evening will be guided by Petr Šiška

Dobrý večer, přátelé...

TV Show

Enjoy a New Year’s Eve evening full of fun, sketches, jokes, satire and songs with many popular actors, singers, comedians and impersonators, guided by the well-known moderator Petr Šiška.

And more..